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AltraCare Commercial Maintenance will be happy to perform a site visit of your facility and customize our services to fit your individual needs.


Our comprehensive service includes basic janitorial duties in all types of spaces, to an array of specialty services for large industrial applications, retail, and office towers.

Standard Services

  • Vacuuming
  • Sweep + Mop
  • Dusting of all Surfaces
  • Washroom Clean
  • Emptying Trash Bins
  • Disinfection of High Touch Areas

Entry Level Package | $299 / Month

Services include:
• Vacuum
• Sweep/mop
• Dusting of all surfaces
• Disinfection of high touch areas
• Washroom cleaning
• Emptying of trash bins

Based on 1000 sq/ft done once per week on a monthly contract. (min 1 year)

Specialty Services

We have your spaces covered day to day, but every building and business poses its own unique challenges. Our array of speciality services can be arranged as needed or integrated in to your agreement with us.

Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning can return carpeted areas to their original colours (even seemingly clean areas soil evenly) as well as extending their lifespans.

Window Cleaning

Dirty windows aren’t just hard on the eyes, most modern buildings are designed for the light and heat to pass through windows and operate as part of the buildings climate control. Dirt, dust, and grime must be removed regularly from glass to prevent staining and increased operating costs.


Public health awareness has never been greater, and sanitization has become the centre of most customer and employee concerns. Our electrostatic and touch-shield sanitizing services protect surfaces for a minimum of ten days. Our various techniques are effective against most common germs and viruses including MRSA, HIV, Coronavirus, Hepatitis, B&C, Norovirus, and Influenza.

Floor Care

Floors are often the most expensive part of any interior space, keep them looking their best with a buff and polish. This can remove swirls, stains, and minor imperfections to make the most of your investment.

Upholstery Cleaning

Chairs, couches, and other upholstered surfaces are subjected to multiple uses each day as well as absorbing any dust and spills. A deep clean of these surfaces results in a great first impression for your guests as well as contributing to the health of your employees.

Construction Cleanup

Let us help you take the final step after new construction, renovations, or repairs. Keep your turnaround times to a minimum as we take care of any remaining cleanup including trash removal, dusting, and final polishing to you get your facility operational.

Pressure Washing

The exterior of your facility is a reflection on your company as a whole. Make the best first impression by having us remove stubborn dirt, stains, and other eye sores from any exterior surfaces and equipment.

High Dusting

Hidden areas above lights, ductwork, or structures are common in commercial buildings and are a haven for dust, dirt, and grime. Over time, this hidden buildup can lead to a reduction in air quality for employees and clients, fall on your merchandise below, and increase your maintenance costs. Our specialized training and equipment allows us to get high above your head and clean those hard to reach, and impossible to see, spaces.


AltraCare offers commercial painting and coating with trained, knowledgeable full­-time professional painters. Whether your offices need a facelift, final touches in your building, or industrial coatings and protection for your commercial facilities, AltraCare can provide you with an unmatched customer experience and the highest quality of work.


AltraCare has created a green and environmentally friendly cleaning program we call ENVIROCARE. Designed to maintain the level of cleanliness you’ve come to expect and bring focus to a healthy environment through subtle changes in chemicals and procedure.

“AltraCare believes it is our responsibility to embrace change in our industry as technology provides us a path to a healthier and safer environment.”
– Mark Ferrara, President and General Manager

Facility Types

A short sentence about the types of facilities Altracare is capable of expertly handling for their clients.

  • Retail Facilities
  • Shopping Malls
  • Medical/Professional Facilities
  • High Rise Office Buildings
  • Industrial/Manufacturing
  • Banks
  • Corporate Headquarters

T 780.456.1387

T 1.866.870.CARE (2273)

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